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Programmes and activities used within the setting to enhance development

Image by Jerry Wang
Image by Michał Bożek


Blast - Blast stands for 'Boosting Language Auditory Skills and Training'.


  • Blast is a programme for all 3 year olds

  • Short daily sessions run for 6 weeks


  • Run by trained pre-school practitioners

  • Sessions teach children listening, memory, turn-taking and group work skills

Image by Kristin Brown

What happens in a Blast session?

  • Hello song

  • Listening lotto

  • Story

  • Language activity

  • Rhyme

  • Goodbye song

Image by Ryan Wallace

Other weekly activities include

  • Yoga and music and movement

  • Brain Gym

  • Number puppies

  • Phonic sound of the week

  • A range of outdoor learning experiences

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